Bharne lectures on urban design at South China Agricultural University

Nov 26, 2016: Bharne lectured on “Practicing Urban Design: From High Art to High Activism” at the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, China. (See more)

Bharne speaks at the “Sacred Space Sacred Thread” Global Conference

Nov 3, 2016: Bharne spoke on findings from his book “Rediscovering the Hindu Temple” at the Sacred Space Sacred Thread Global conference at USC, Los Angeles (See talk here at 02:31:13)

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Working in Panama

October 7, 2016: “…….these twenty-odd Panamanian projects I have helped design have all been for mainstream developers, not government or an institutional agencies. This is an important point to note. That developers have opened the doors or helped chart new and progressive directions in city making is not something we routinely talk about. To say it more specifically, we do not typically associate mainstream developers with aspects like ecological conservation, or transforming typical parking-lot-laden suburban shopping malls into walkable places designed around real blocks and streets. Yet this is exactly what my experience in Panama has been…”

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