Bharne to speak at “Scholarship of Social Engagement” symposium

October 20, 2016: Bharne will speak and serve as the “Urban Design” session Chair at the “Scholarship of Social Engagement” symposium at the University of Kansas. (See more)

Bharne leads urban design charrette in Hazel Park, Michigan

April 12, 2016: Bharne led the Congress for the New Urbanism 2016 “Legacy Charrette” for the revitalization of 2 miles of John R Road in Hazel Park, Michigan, on behalf of Moule & Polyzoides. (See more)

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(Why) Governance Matters

January 26, 2016: “……in the United States, for example, the urban landscape,  jurisdictionally speaking, is a decentralized model; every city is an independent jurisdiction with authority to craft its own zoning policies and planning ordinances. In Pasadena, where I reside, a 20-unit multi-family housing project can only be designed around a central courtyard, with subterranean parking. The same project would be illegal in the neighboring city of San Marino whose zoning code does not allow multi-family housing at all……different cities, all shaped through participatory planning processes, can still work differently because of their policy and process specifics……

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